Manifolds & Accessories

A range of products to help high throughput laboratories improve productivity and precision for handling reagents and preparing samples.
Our Reservoir Trays are for use with any robotic liquid handling system and made to take a range of liquid handling configurations from 8- or 12-Channel pipettes through to 96 or 384 pipette heads.
Our Pipette Reservoir trough plates help improve convenience and productivity in high throughput laboratories by holding liquid reagents in precise rows that align with 8- and 12-Channel pipettes allowing researchers to simultaneously aspirate or dispense fluids in all channels.
Vacuum manifolds are used to draw liquid through a filter or SPE plate into either a waste tray or a collection plate increasing the speed at which samples can be collected. Our vacuum manifold plates are designed to work with most filter plates whilst the universal robotic manifold is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled by robotic manipulators.