EPA (VOA/VOC) Sampling Vials

40ml EPA Vials have long been the vial of choice for volatile organic (VOA/VOC) sampling and analysis. Our extensive range of sampling vials also includes 20ml and 30ml vials, available in clear or amber glass. Vials are available with a Hole-Cap & Septa for use with autosamplers, Solid Cap & Liner for transport and storage, or with No Cap.
All our vials are available as Certified, Pre-cleaned & Standard formats for use in autosamplers, or sampling or storage, with many products pre-assembled, ready for use.
Certified & Pre-cleaned Vials are pre-cleaned according to US EPA Protocol B and quality assured by an independent laboratory with a certificate of analysis. Pre-cleaned Vials are cleaned according to US EPA Protocol B whilst Standard Vials are not specially cleaned.
We can also produce almost any combination of vial, cap & septa - certified, pre-cleaned or standard, and in shrink-wrapped packaging too. Please contact us for any help to select the product for your application or instrument.