Sealers & Cappers

Protecting precious samples during storage and transportation is an essential final step for a wide range of laboratory and clinical applications. Many high throughput labs routinely store or protect multi-well plates by applying a seal to prevent atmospheric contamination, moisture ingress or further drying of the sample, especially when storage is at low temperatures.
Porvair Sciences has developed a range of devices to meet the needs of low, medium and high throughput laboratories for providing an accurate and tight seal on a range of microplates and tube racks.
The Ultraseal™ Pro is the new fully automated heat-sealing instrument designed to consistently seal and protect a wide range of microplates and tubes. It creates an air tight and chemically-resistant seal without the complications of adhesives being applied to a plate. The Ultraseal Lite is an effortless, lightweight heat sealer designed to tightly seal polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene microplates and glass tubes, ideal for low to medium throughput laboratories.
The MatCapper is a compact and portable device offering an affordable solution for laboratories having to seal medium numbers of microplates.