There are versatile SCP Science DigiPREP Digestion Systems to suit every size laboratory and together with innovative accessories, such as the DigiPROBE sample temperature controller, DigiPREP digestion systems meet all the sample digestion and evaporation needs of analytical chemists and spectroscopists.
Mid temperature DigiPREP family of digestion systems are specifically designed and manufactured with a non-metallic and protective graphite block technology, and have been used worldwide for digestion of samples such as soils, sludges, drinking and waste water, foods, animal feeds, nutritional supplements, biological samples and tissues.
High Temperature DigiPREP digestion systems offer the latest in hard anodised coated aluminium block technology for use up to 450oC providing a superior resistance to corrosion and are designed for high temperature applications such as Kjeldahl (TKN), WEE, RoHS, Total Phosphate, Mining Samples and any digestion requiring sulphuric acid.