We offer a full range of traditional nebulizers configured for different applications as well as other nebulizer designs and materials to meet specific analytical requirements.
Concentric nebulizers have developed to be a preferred choice for routine use offering low RSD and good detection limits with a full range of borosilicate glass or quartz concentric nebulizers to meet your sample needs.
Cross-flow nebulizers are the traditional choice for high solids or otherwise dirty samples. The X-Flow nebulizers are made of acid resistant Ultem and are ideal for use with samples in any acid matrix including HF and those containing high dissolved salts and particulates.
The Modified Lichte nebulizer incorporates a double bore glass tubing with an impact bead for fine aerosol dispersion allowing improved detection limits over standard pneumatic nebulizers whilst allowing solutions containing higher dissolved solids to be run without clogging.
The Noordermeer and V-Groove nebulizers are excellent designs to consider when working with high dissolved solids or HF. The Noordermeer glass nebulizer is a practical choice for samples containing high solids whilst the Babington V-Groove PEEK nebulizer is ideal for use with HF.
Burgener Parellel Path nebulizers with their patented parallel path design and inert construction for maintenance-free operation are ideal for difficult samples such as slurries, brines and other high solid samples, and are direct replacements for standard concentric nebulizers.