Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are a class of chemicals containing two or more fused aromatic rings occurring naturally in fossil fuels or produced through incomplete combustion or pyrolysis such as during high heat when cooking meat and other foods. PAHs are a group of persistent organic pollutant compounds with several of the PAHs and some specific mixtures thought to be cancer-causing chemicals. The UK, EU and the US authorities regulate concentrations of PAHs in air, water and soil along with the restriction of some carcinogenic PAHs in consumer products.
We are pleased to offer an extensive range of reference standards including many isotopically labelled forms for the analytical testing of PAHs. 
Please use the Filter By functions to select the required form, solvent and stable isotope labelling but if you are unable to locate the reference standard or the format you require, please contact us with your requirements, we’ll be delighted to help.