Syringe Filters

Our extensive range of Syringe Filters provide outstanding filtration quality, with a variety of membranes, porosities and sizes, for the efficient removal of particulate impurities from samples prior to analysis by chromatography, spectroscopy and dissolution testing.
Our syringe filters are made with a medical grade polypropylene housing with Luer fittings and sealed using an external ring insert to maintain membrane integrity and best performance.
Klarity 25mm, 13mm and 4mm syringe filters are certified for conformance to key tests including bubble point, burst pressure, filter Integrity, water flow rate and UV extractables. They are colour coded for easy identification with the membrane type, pore size and lot number printed on each filter for easy identification, and supplied in a handy dispenser box.
PUURE 30mm and 17mm Syringe Filters have been carefully designed to maximise sample recovery and manufactured using certified clean room conditions resulting in a very high quality, reproducible and consistent product. To ensure ease of use and improve flow rates, each PUURE syringe filter has a glass fibre pre-filter to reduce clogging caused by particulates.
Choose from an extensive selection of syringe filter membranes, porosities and sizes or contact us for any advice to select the right product for your application.