Acid Purification

With more labs using ICP-MS to perform trace metals analysis, the need for high purity grade acid to meet quality requirements has increased dramatically. At the same time, laboratory costs are coming under ever-stricter control and as a result, more and more laboratories are producing their own high purity grade (10ppt) grade acids by purifying lower cost trace metal grade (1ppb) acids.
Savillex has created the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet this increasing demand with the DST-1000 and DST-4000 acid purification systems. Both DST acid purification systems use the proven technique of sub-boiling acid distillation to produce high purity acid on demand - in any lab, at any time.
PFA elbow-style assemblies are also available to build classic sub-boiling stills that require separate heat source and cooling systems to product and collect high purity acid.