Closures & Septa

An extensive range of Closures and Septa for autosampler and sampling vials, speciality vials and sampling and storage containers.
For Crimp and Snap-Crimp vials, we offer a comprehensive range of Crimp Seals and Snap-Caps with a choice of septa for different applications. For Screw-thread vials, we offer Screw Caps with Open Hole for use with autosamplers along with a wide choice of Septa to fit, and Screw Caps with Solid Top for sampling and storage applications available with or without a liner. In addition, we offer a range of easy to use Plugs for those vials requiring a plug or stopper closure.
We offer an outstanding range of Septa for many different closures to meet any particular pierceability, resealability and chemical compatibility requirements, and to fit many sizes of vials and vessels.
Please contact us for any help to select the product for your application or instrument, as we are able to supply many additional products.