Fusion Fluxes

SCP SCIENCE fusion fluxes are used in cements, ceramics and glass making, mining industries, metal producers, petrochemical plants and R&D laboratories.
We offer two flux grades - Pure (99.99%) and Ultra (99.999%) - to suit your analytical requirements. Each flux is supplied with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis detailing actual lot analysis of up to 30 potential impurities determined by ICP, granulometry, loss on ignition and apparent density.
As well as individual fluxes we are pleased to also offer common additives for your convenience. Choose from a variety of our fusion fluxes or contact us for a custom blend for your application.
Abbreviations: LiM - Lithium Metaborate; LiT - Lithium Tetraborate; LiBr - Lithium Bromide; LiC - Lithium Carbonate; LiF - Lithium Fluoride; LiI - Lithium Iodide.