96-Well Multi-Tier

A comprehensive range of unique reusable 96-well Multi-Tier™ Microplates with replacement vials and sealing mats.
The 96-well Multi-Tier™ Microplate is a patented modular, reusable system featuring a base plate capable of securing a range of glass and polypropylene vials with conical or flat bottom. The vented design of the base plate assures uniform heating and cooling when immersed in a water bath making the 96-well Multi-Tier™ Microplate ideal for assays required to simulate in-vitro conditions or for temperature sensitive experiments.
96-well Multi-Tier™ Microplates are available in Acrylic Butyl Styrene (ABS) or Topas (COC-Cyclic Olefin Copolymers) or Aluminium along with a range of replacement vials, vials in convenient vial loaders for fast and convenient loading of vials, and seals that lock into each of the vials to preserve sample integrity.