Blowdown Evaporators

Porvair Sciences blowdown evaporators remove the traditional laboratory bottleneck of solvent evaporation prior to analysis or reconstitution giving significant throughput advantages and optimisation of microplate or small sample preparation productivity.
Ultravap Minivap is manually controlled nitrogen blowdown concentrator and evaporator for the budget-conscious laboratory or low usage research and development projects.
Ultravap Gemini is a manually controlled two position system for higher throughput laboratories.
Ultravap Levante is a high speed, fully programmable, robot integration compatible automatic blowdown concentrator and evaporator.
Ultravap Mistral is a high speed, fully programmable and robot ready automatic blowdown concentrator and evaporator for full automation.
Ultravap Mistral XT150 is an intuitive, fully robot-compatible sample blowdown evaporator for glass tubes up to 150mm.