ICP-MS Cones

An extensive range of high quality sampler and skimmer cones for all of the major brands of ICP-MS including Agilent, Micromass, Nu Instruments, PerkinElmer and Thermo.
Cones are available manufactured from Nickel, Aluminium or Platinum, or a Nickel/Copper core with a Nickel or Platinum insert. The choice is based on sample type and plasma conditions. Nickel cones are the lower cost standard for ICP-MS whilst Aluminium is a low cost replacement when the analysis includes Nickel. A Platinum cone or cone with a Platinum insert is typically used when using harsh plasma conditions such as analysing solutions containing HF or when adding oxygen for organics analysis.
Cones are manufactured for a specific instrument model with tight tolerances in order to meet the exact requirements of the ICP-MS instrument.