Savillex PFA Standard tubes are widely used in the preparation and storage of a variety of samples for trace metals analysis and other applications. They have a wide service temperature, are unbreakable, and available in a variety of designs and sizes. Conical bottom tubes are designed to be used in centrifuges.
Savillex PFA Block Digestion tubes are the cleanest and highest performing block digestion tubes available. Moulded from high purity virgin PFA, they feature an ultra-low trace metal background and are suitable for all high temperature block digestion methods. The 50ml tube, provided with a polypropylene closure, meets Class A volumetric specifications at 50 mL.
Savillex PFA Microcentrifuge tubes are compatible with standard benchtop microcentrifuge units, and are chemically inert, non-leaching, and non-reactive to sensitive cultures. A smooth, non-binding interior surface provides high yields and excellent recovery of contents.