Low Volume Inserts

We offer an extensive range of low volume inserts for use with standard volume autosampler vials to ensure suitability for any micro-sampling applications.
Inserts are available preassembled with a polymer Bottom Spring or patented Top Spring that act as a shock absorber to protect against breakage if the needle bottoms out. Flat bottom inserts with No Spring are an economical alternative designed for use in all vials whilst inserts With Flange precisely sit in the neck of the vial eliminating the need for metal or plastic springs providing a perfectly centered insert each time. Inserts with a conical bottom design permit complete sample removal.
Select from a range of inserts in either high quality borosilicate glass or polypropylene for where glass is not suitable, and in a range of volumes and styles to meet your needs for any low volume sampling using your standard volume vials.
Please contact us for any help to select the product for your application or instrument.