Autodiluters & Dispensers

Our range of AutoDiluters and Dispensers, for the busy AA, ICP, ICP-MS or Ion Chromatography laboratory, offer versatile and flexible systems for all sample dispensing tasks in analytical and clinical laboratories. They provide precise, problem-free dispensing and dilution capabilities, and easily meet the increasing requirements for laboratory automation.
ProLiquid MiniDispenser is a small precision dispenser employing a simple, one-hand operation for the preparation of calibration solutions and safe dispensing of concentrated acids whilst ProLiquid DuoDispenser is a semi-automated dispenser with digital volume selection for precision manual pipetting tasks, addition and dispensing of liquids.
ProLiquid AutoDiluter systems are modular, automated diluter systems for pipetting, dilution and dispensing of liquids for any routine liquid handling, preparing standards and samples in exactly the same way as a trained analyst. It can be tailored to meet your exact requirements for any pipetting, dilution or dispensing task in an inorganic laboratory.