Assay Plates for Life SciencesAssay Plates for Life Sciences

Assay plates are flat cell culture plates consisting of multiple wells that can be used as small test tubes. These types of microplates are considered a standard tool in both scientific research facilities and laboratories for clinical diagnostic tests.

Usually, an assay is performed to determine if a substance is present, and in what amounts. Assay microplates are commonly used to inspect an enzyme-linked immunosorbent, which is at the core of most human and animal diagnostic testing currently performed.

Porvair Sciences has developed a range of solid clear and opaque polystyrene assay plates that are specifically designed for absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation applications.

The Porvair Krystal Series clear bottom plates are now recognised as industry-leading tools for Pharma drug discovery and screening.  For the more modern demanding confocal readers, Porvair Krystal Glass Bottom plates have been shown by leading research institutes to be unsurpassed for flatness, linearity and optical clarity.

Our range of polystyrene assay plates consists of:

  • Solid Clear Plates – a range of 96- and 384-well assay plates offering the perfect mix of high quality and affordability
  • Solid Opaque Plates – a range of 96- and 384-well assay plates specifically designed for absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation applications
  • Krystal Clear Bottom/Opaque Side Plates – a range of clear bottom 24-, 96- and 384-well Krystal plates optimised for fluorescence and luminescence applications
  • Krystal 2000 Plates – a unique range optimised for fluorescence and luminescence applications eliminating optical cross-talk for unmatched performance
  • Krystal Glass Bottom Plates – designed for whole-plate CCD imaging applications with a clear borosilicate glass bottom
  • Krystal UV Transparent Plates – a very high specification range of COP-bottomed, UV-transparent microplates available in 96- and 384-well
  • Krystal UV Solid Quartz Plates – 96-well UV solid quartz clear microplate
  • Krystal high bind and medium bind capacity clear polystyrene plates and 8-well strips in 12x8 ANSI frame
  • Bacti-Growth Plates – specially packaged microplates to allow the growth of bacteria, yeast, mammalian or insect cell lines

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