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CONOSTAN Oil Analysis Standards

CONOSTAN Oil Analysis Standards

CONOSTAN®offers calibration and verification standards for the analysis of lubricant additives, new and in-service lubricants, petroleum products and organic fluids/materials.

CONOSTAN® is the world's leading manufacturer of Elements in Oil standards and related spectroscopy products. Conostan's industry leading position is derived from superior product chemistry, manufacturing technology, and blending techniques. Their products are used extensively in the calibration and operation of analytical instruments for the analysis of elements in oil and other organic fluids.

Whether Single Element Standards, Mixes, Standards for Flash Point, Viscosity, TAN & TBN, Particle Size we have everything you may require.  We also provide Custom prepared Mixes to your specifications.

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Caps & Vials for PFAS Analysis

Caps & Vials for PFAS Analysis

Because Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances don't break down they can accumulate over time in the environment and in the human body. There is increasing evidence that exposure to PFAS can adversely affect human health. As a result, regulatory bodies are increasingly legislating that many materials should be tested to ensure that they contain no traces of PFAS or that the traces are below allowed legal limits.

Because PFAS are widely used in materials, such as PTFE, commonly used in chemical analysis consumables, laboratories are in need of new labware products to minimise background contamination from these chemicals.

When you are unable to use PTFE as a liner – our new polyimide/silicone lined closure is the perfect alternative.  This new closure has a useable temperature range up to 130°C., while the liner performs well up to ten injections.
The polyimide is amber translucent and the white silicone rubber is a high purity rubber composition resulting in low leachables.

Use with our polypropylene vials, designed to work in most autosamplers.  These lightweight vials are an economical alternative to glass.  Manufactured from chemical resistant polypropylene, they are ideal for sampling, testing, storing and transporting.

V0726    9mm Cap, Royal Blue, Polyimide/Silicone

V1195    100µl Polypropylene Limited Volume Vial, 12x32mm, 9mm Thread

V1196    500µl Polypropylene Limited Volume Vial, 12x32mm, 9mm Thread

V1865    700µl Polypropylene Limited Volume Vial, 12x32mm, 9mm Thread

V1174    1.5ml Polypropylene Limited Volume Vial, 12x32mm, 9mm Thread

Unique Digestion Vessel System

Unique Digestion Vessel System

Introducing our new and exclusive Digest-n vessels, providing a novel and unique approach to acid digestion.

The Digest n-Vessel is a high purity PFA semi-closed digestion vessel for the non-pressurised digestion of samples utilising a reflux method. The Digest n-Vessel is ideal for the trace elemental analysis of geological, environmental and biological samples with large sample weights and with a wide variety of acids.

Made from fully inert, high purity PFA, Digest-n Vessels can be used with any standard laboratory hotplate system and are an ideal alternative for the digestion of otherwise difficult samples. The vessel comprises a lower digestion section screwed on to an upper reflux section incorporating a condensing n-tube permitting the continuous refluxing of the digest acid.

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Custom Mix Service

Custom Mix Service

Our Custom Mix Preparation service offers the ability to have mixes made to your exact specification, freeing your valuable time, reducing the need for you to handle and store hazardous neat materials and to eliminate issues that may arise with stability, solubility and availability.

Our mixes are produced and certified in ISO17025 and/or ISO Guide 34 accredited laboratories offering the utmost confidence in quality assurance.

They're also not as expensive as you might think.

Find out why so many labs have already made the switch.

TOXIN Reference Standards

TOXIN Reference Standards

Numerous factors, such as climate change and global food supply chains, mean that toxins are increasingly prevalent in everyday life, and the need for accurate and reliable analysis has never been greater.

We're pleased to be able to offer an extensive and high quality range of toxin standards – including environmental and microbial toxins - either as neat materials, individual solutions or custom mixes.

You can explore the range here, or contact us to let us know your precise requirements.

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