Sample Preparation PlatesSample Preparation Plates

In chromatography and drug discovery, sample preparation is defined as the process a sample undergoes in order to transform it to a substance suitable for chemical analysis. Sample preparation is also often use to improve the quality of scientific analysis.

We offer a range of optimised microplates for sample preparation that can be utilised to obtain high-quality results without needlessly complicating your analytical process.

Solid Phase Extraction

Solid Phase Extraction is a popular sample preparation method used for processing liquid sample mixtures and separating individual components based on their unique chemical and physical properties prior to analysis. Use solid phase extraction plates to concentrate and purify analytes prior to instrumental analysis, such as LC-MS.

Supported Liquid Extraction

Supported Liquid Extraction is a method of sample preparation based on liquid-liquid extraction but with one phase immobilised onto an inert support. Use supported liquid extraction plates to clean-up biological sample prior instrumental analysis, such as LC-MS.

Protein Precipitation

Protein Precipitation is a useful sample preparation technique to remove proteins from biological samples that interfere with downstream applications. Quickly obtain protein-free filtrates from your samples using protein precipitation plates.

Phospholipid Removal

Phospholipid Removal is a useful technique for removing a wide range of phospholipids from samples prior to chromatography where they can cause ion suppression in MS sources and potential damage to precious UHPLC/HPLC columns. Obtain reproducible and effective phospholipid removal from plasma and serum samples using phospholipid removal plates.

DNA Clean-up

Obtaining DNA from biological samples is a crucial step in molecular biology. Eluting both high quality and high yield of DNA from a wide range of biological samples can be challenging and can impact the success of downstream applications. Use DNA clean-up plates to effortlessly and efficiently extract, purify and size select DNA.

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