PFA ICP/ICP-MS Sample IntroductionPFA ICP/ICP-MS Sample Introduction

Savillex offers its own PFA sample introduction products for both ICP-OES and ICP-MS applications. All components are of precision-molded PFA construction and are chemically resistant to all common matrices. They are ideal for environmental, geological, biological and semiconductor applications and are compatible with most ICP equipment. The Savillex line of sample introduction systems provides the features and benefits of PFA components without the exorbitant cost.

The range includes:

  • PFA Concentric Nebulizers (C-Flow) - click here for further information
  • PFA Cross Flow Nebulizers (X-Flow)
  • PFA Sample Introduction Kits for Agilent ICP-MS & Thermo Element 2 ICP-MS - click here for further information
  • PFA Cyclonic Spray Chamber - click here for further information

Removable uptake line (d-type) concentric PFA nebulizer range now includes:

  • C-Flow 700d PFA general purpose concentric nebulizer for ICP-OES - click here for further information
  • C-Flow 400d & 400e PFA concentric nebulizers for ICP-MS - click here for further information
  • NEW C-Flow S-type PFA nebulizers specifically designed for semiconductor analysis and similar low sample volume, high performance ICP-MS applications - click here for further information

As the Savillex nebulizer range is rapidly expanding, we have created a useful nebulizer selection guide to help you select the correct nebulizer for your instrument and application. Both C-Flow and X-Flow nebulizers are included. The guide is comprised of three flowcharts: start at the top (Nebulizer Selection) and move to General Purpose and Microconcentric flow charts as directed.

Nebulizer Selection Guide

Savillex microconcentric nebulizers are available with fixed uptake lines or demountable uptake lines (S-type), with a variety of probes to suit all popular autosamplers. They are also available in standard or desolvator versions (with fixed uptake lines only). Our microconcentric nebulizer guide helps you choose the correct nebulizer for your specific application. If you don't find what you are looking for on this list please contact us for a custom nebulizer quotation.

Microconcentric Nebulizer COMPATIBILITY Guide

Otherwise please select from the sub-categories shown or contact us for any help on selecting the right product for your application.

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