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New Clindamycin Standards

New Clindamycin Standards

We are pleased to offer new Clindamycin impurity standards:

•       Clindamycin Diastereomer 2-Phosphate, CAS 1800297-62-4
•       Clindamycin Diastereomer, CAS 1440605-46-8

•       Clindamycin 2-Pyrophosphate (as triethylamine salt)
•       Cis-Clindamycin 2-Phosphate

Each impurity standard is accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis. The list of all our Clindamycin related reference standards can be viewed in here.

New larger volume Polypropylene Vials

New larger volume Polypropylene Vials

Our new larger capacity polypropylene vials are ideal for applications in Ion Chromatography (IC), Capillary Electrophoresis (CE & CE-MS), Trace-Metal Analysis, pH-Sensitive samples and Biochemical applications.

These vials are specifically designed to work in robotic arm autosamplers such as Agilent, Waters, Gerstel and Shimadzu instruments using a wide choice of 9mm screwthread hole-caps with septa or solid caps with liner.

V1865    750µl Polypropylene Limited Volume Vial, 12x32mm, 9mm Thread   pk.1000

V1866   1.7ml Polypropylene Vial, 12x32mm, 9mm Thread  pk.1000

Acid Purification

Acid Purification

The NEW Savillex DST-4000 Acid Purification System is the ultimate, high capacity unit for routine laboratory production of ultra-pure acids or water. 

It is supplied complete with everything required to distill ultra-pure acid. The DST-4000 package includes a built-in heating source, separate digital controller, solid stand, necessary fittings, bottle stand, GL45 transfer closures and two 2,000ml Savillex PFA collection bottle. The vessel and wetted parts of the still are molded entirely of PFA to ensure the highest purity, and its elegant design and compact form factor will fit neatly and efficiently within your existing laboratory fume hood. 


    • All wetted parts are molded PFA
    • No cooling water required
    • Graduated front fill tube shows acid level remaining
    • Separate, digital temperature controller with auto shut-off feature
    • Includes (2) 2000 mL Purillex PFA collection bottles

Click here for further information

UHPLC Columns for Less!

UHPLC Columns for Less!

  • NEW C18 reverse phase columns suitable for both UHPLC & HPLC
  • Choice of 1.8 & 2.2µm ultra-pure, metal-free silica particles
  • Novel bonding and latest end-capping technologies result in highly efficient,  robust and fast separations
  • Fully compatible with cutting-edge UHPLC systems & ideal for LC-MS
  • Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases and extremes of pH

Click here for more information and product listing

Expanded Range of Vessels for Metal Analysis

Expanded Range of Vessels for Metal Analysis

New expanded range of class leading autosampler and digestion tubes for all your metal analysis needs

  • 15, 50 and 100ml ultra-low trace metal content polypropylene DigiTUBEs
  • Accurate Class A graduations - 15ml (15ml DigiTUBE), 50ml (50ml DigiTUBE), 50ml and 100ml (100ml DigiTUBE)
  • Transparent and with easy to read graduations
  • Leak-proof screw-cap - different colour caps also available to differentiate sample types

Plus many other autosampler and sample tubes available - click here to see our range

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