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Custom Mix Service

Custom Mix Service

Our Custom Mix Preparation service offers the ability to have mixes made to your exact specification, freeing your valuable time, reducing the need for you to handle and store hazardous neat materials and to eliminate issues that may arise with stability, solubility and availability.

Our mixes are produced and certified in ISO17025 and/or ISO Guide 34 accredited laboratories offering the utmost confidence in quality assurance.

They're also not as expensive as you might think.

Find out why so many labs have already made the switch.

TOXIN Reference Standards

TOXIN Reference Standards

Numerous factors, such as climate change and global food supply chains, mean that toxins are increasingly prevalent in everyday life, and the need for accurate and reliable analysis has never been greater.

We're pleased to be able to offer an extensive and high quality range of toxin standards – including environmental and microbial toxins - either as neat materials, individual solutions or custom mixes.

You can explore the range here, or contact us to let us know your precise requirements.

New, fully-automated  Ultraseal™ Pro

New, fully-automated Ultraseal™ Pro

The Ultraseal™ Pro is the new fully automated heat-sealing instrument designed to consistently seal and protect a wide range of microplates and tubes.

Protecting precious samples during storage and transportation is an essential final step for a wide range of laboratory and clinical applications. In addition, many high throughput labs routinely store or protect multiwell plates by applying a seal to prevent atmospheric contamination, moisture ingress or further drying of the sample, especially when storage is at low temperatures.

The Ultraseal™ Pro effortlessly seals microplates and tubes whilst ensuring maximum protection with a tighter seal. With its classic blue design, Ultraseal™ Pro is compact, versatile and fully automated for reliable and consistent sealing.

Click here for further information.

Free Webinar : Introducing The VC Ultra

Free Webinar : Introducing The VC Ultra

Join us to find out how the NEW VC Ultra can help minimise acid exposure and handling, eliminate contamination and prolong the life of your labware.

The NEW VC Ultra Acid Vapour Cleaning System offers labs a safe, efficient and user friendly alternative for acid cleaning microwave digestion vessels and a host of other labware items.

It'll change the way you think about vessel cleaning forever.

Visit to register your details today!

High and Medium Bind Plates for Covid-19 Testing

High and Medium Bind Plates for Covid-19 Testing

We have for many years provided polystyrene plates that serve as medium bind. In order to better support our customers, in the critical research and development of Covid-19 testing, we are now offering a wide range of plates that cover high binding and in different, more flexible formats.

The demand for equipment and components for the different immuno, enzyme and serological testing cannot keep up with the demand of the different labs working on testing and/or understanding the virus and potential vaccines and cures. We are therefore introducing our Covid Strip Plate testing range. These two products include plates and 8-well strips in an ANSI frame, in both high and medium bind surfaces, and are proving to be in high demand for the different ELISA testing being carried out globally.

Click on the product codes shown below for product specific information:



Or click HERE for further information our extensive range of Assay Plates.

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