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New PFA Nebuliser for ICP-MS

New PFA Nebuliser for ICP-MS


Designed for ICP-MS

While microconcentric (uptake rate 200uL/min or less) PFA nebulizers are used as standard with ICP-MS for semiconductor applications, most non-semiconductor ICP-MS labs use low flow glass nebulizers due to their more suitable uptake rate and relatively low cost. The Savillex C400d was designed specifically for non-semiconductor ICP-MS use and while it can free aspirate, it is designed to be pumped and is optimized for the typical uptake rates (350-400uL/min) of today’s ICP-MS systems.

The C400d is also extremely resistant to clogging by particulates: inside the nebulizer body, a constant ID capillary avoids the changes in ID that cause potential blockage points. And because the capillary is supported at the tip, the C400d can be easily and safely backflushed – without the need for tools. The C400d is capable of handling over 15% total dissolved solids (TDS). Finally, time savings in manufacturing compared with microconcentric versions have enabled us to offer the C400d at a price similar to low flow glass nebulizers.

  • Removable uptake line (80cm) with Savillex PFA zero dead volume connector
  • High sensitivity with high solids capability - up to 15% TDS
  • Extremely robust - can be backflushed; no cleaning tools needed
  • 6mm OD body with 4mm gas port. Includes a variety of gas line connectors
  • Free aspirates but designed to be pumped. Pumped flow rate range 0.2 - 0.7mL/min.
  • Optimised at 1.0SLPM Ar flow rate
  • Gas line connection kit included

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