DST-1000 Acid Purification SystemDST-1000 Acid Purification System

The Savillex DST-1000 Acid Purification System is the ultimate unit for laboratory production of ultra-pure acids or water.  The DST-1000 comes complete with everything required to distill ultra-pure acid. The DST-1000 package includes a built-in heating source, separate heating control unit, solid stand, necessary fittings, bottle bracket, GL45 transfer closure, and a 1000 ml Savillex PFA collection bottle.  The vessel and wetted parts of the still are molded entirely of PFA to ensure the highest purity, and its elegant design and small form factor will fit neatly and efficiently within your existing laboratory fume hood.

The DST-1000 consists of a self-contained PFA reservoir/condenser vessel with all wetted parts made of PFA). The lower reservoir is surrounded by an electric heating mantle.

Up to 1000ml of trace metal grade acid is added to the vessel via the front fill tube that fills the reservoir from the bottom. The acid level in the reservoir is conveniently displayed by the liquid level gauge on the fill tube. Power is supplied to the heating mantle by a variable temperature controller with three temperature settings: LO, MID and HI. The acid in the reservoir is gently heated, and high purity acid vapour is generated. The acid vapour condenses on the walls of the upper part of the vessel (condenser) and is collected in a channel which drains into a 1000 mL Purillex™ PFA collection bottle. The vent assembly in the vessel and the vent in the bottle transfer closure allow air into the vessel as the acid is distilled, and allow displaced air out of the bottle as it fills. Both vents are fitted with PTFE membranes, which prevent airborne contamination from entering the system. The pressure equalization tube maintains even pressure throughout the system as it is filled and drained.

The production rate of high purity acid is dependent on the temperature setting used: A temperature setting of HI will produce at approximately 40 ml/hr. The temperature setting only affects the production rate and not the purity or quality level of the acid. The maximum acid temperature that can be generated by the heating element is well below the boiling point of the acid so there is no potential for contaminants to be carried over with the distillate. The low maximum temperature and integrated thermal fuse in the heating element also provides a high degree of safety during the distillation process. The lower temperature settings are useful when operating the DST-1000 unattended or for extended periods of time. The process can be stopped at any time if high purity acid is needed urgently. Otherwise, the heater should be manually switched off when the remaining acid volume in the chamber reaches 50-100ml. After cooling, the residual acid is drained to waste.

The DST-1000 is extremely simple to install and requires no cooling water supply. With a footprint of only 36.5 cm x 20 cm, and a height of only 45 cm, the DST-1000 will fit into the smallest fume hoods. The controller is connected via a 3 meter cord and is designed to be placed outside the fume hood.

A DST-1000 upgrade kit enabling users of older DST-1000 units to upgrade their systems with the features of the current DST-1000 model is available. Click Here for further information.


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