Complete DNA Clean-up KitsComplete DNA Clean-up Kits

A selection of complete DNA clean-up kits.

  • The DNA Extraction kit is a quick, easy and efficient way to perform total (genomic and mitochondrial) DNA extraction and purification, and can be used to effectively extract excellent quality DNA from cultured cells and tissues. 
  • The DNA Size Selection kit is designed to easily select your desired size of DNA fragments. Completely bead-free and flexible, you can now remove undesirable <150bp fragments and choose your desired DNA size with ethanol selection. 
  • The DNA Purification kit efficiently purifies DNA from agarose gels with buffers optimised to remove any unwanted impurities.  Completely recover and purify high amounts of DNA from up to 400 mg agarose gels. Compatible for low-melt gels prepared in TAE or TBE buffers. Perfect for extraction of DNA fragments of 50 bp - 43 kbp.
  • The DNA Purify and Concentrate kit purifies and concentrates up to 10μg of DNA in as little as 5-10μl. It is the perfect kit for cleaner and more concentrated samples for downstream applications such as library preparation for next generation sequencing

Complete DNA kits include:

  • 2 active plates
  • 2 collection plates
  • all necessary buffers

Separate single plate kits of the DNA active plate are also available.

Complete DNA Clean-up Kits

Please select from the products below or contact us for any help in selecting the best plate for your application.

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