8- and 12-Channel Pipette Reservoirs8- and 12-Channel Pipette Reservoirs

Our 8- and 12-Channel reservoir trough plates help improve convenience and productivity in high-throughput laboratories.

The troughs hold liquid reagents in precise rows that align with 8-channel and 12-channel pipettes allowing researchers to simultaneously aspirate or dispense fluids in all channels. The products help high throughput laboratories improve productivity because researchers can improve their speed and precision performing serial dilutions or dispensing different reagents in up to 12 channels.

The 8- and 12-Channel reservoir trough plates are constructed of high impact plastics for durable, long-term performance; either white polystyrene or polyethylene terephthalate (PETG).

The reservoir design incorporates a v-shaped bottom with a residual volume of 200μL, reducing dead volume and minimizing waste. For benchtop stability, the trough plates fit snugly on top of the 96-well Multi-Tier Microplate system.

Researchers will rely on these handy tools for adding samples, standards, wash, rinses, or reagents in high-throughput applications that involve use of multichannel pipettes. They also can be used for Invitro incubation, drug-to-drug interaction and caco-2 cells.

  • Trough fits on 96-well Multi-Tier™ Base Plate for added stability
  • V-bottom has 200μL residual volume
  • Designed to minimise dead volume in high-throughput clean-up applications
  • Can be autoclaved

8-Channel Trough

  • 1mL to 7mL capacity per channel
  • 56mL Total Capacity

12-Channel Trough

  • 1mL to 3mL capacity per channel
  • 36mL Total Capacity

8- and 12-Channel Pipette Reservoirs

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